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Reinforced Concrete Structures ( Prabilit Cement Concrete Engg.)

Author :Gurcharan Singh
Edition: Eight Edition: Reprint -2016
Page No.:604
Binding: Paperback

Plain Cement Concrete* Singly Reinforced Concrete Beam (Theory)* Doubley Reinforced Beem (Theory)* T-Beam* Shear Stresses in R.C. Beams* Bond* Basic Rules for the Design of Beams and Slabs* Design of Singly Reinforced Beams* Iintel* Doubly Reinforced Beams* Design of T-=Beams* Design Manufacture* Axially Loaded Columns* Footing* Cantilever Retaining Wall* Counter Fort Retaining Wall* Design of Stair Cases* Design of Water Tank* Ultimate Load Design* Pre-Stressed Concrete* Limit State Introduction* Singly Reinforced Beam in Limit State Design Method* Doubly Reinforced Beam* T and L Beam* Limit State Design for Shear Bond and Torsion* Design of Beams and Slabs*

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