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Farm Tractor, Power Tiller Maintenance and Repair

Author :S.C. Jain, C.R. Rai
Edition: 4th Revised & Enlarged Edition: 2018
Page No.:373
Binding: Paperback

"The first edition of the book has been in the market since 1984 and had seven reprints till 1995. The contents of the second edition have been updated keeping in mind the requirements of users and field engineers. It covers the working of engine, the transmission, steering, auto electrical, braking and hydraulic systems of a tractor. Chapter on testing of tractors in India has also been added. It deals with fundamental of working principles as well as details of the systems and components. The important aspects of trouble shooting and repair are covered. It contains comperative technical data of some popular Indian tractors. The book is profusely illustrated with line diagrams and photographs which will be of immense practical use to the students, repairmen, dealers and tractor owners. CONTENTS: PART 1: ENGINE- Internal Combustion Engine* Basics of a Heat Engine* Thermodynamics of I.C. Engine* Multi-cylinder Engine* Engine Components* Fuel Systems* Engine Lubrication* Cooling System of I.C. Engine* Intake and Exhaust Systems * Engine Trouble Shooting* PART 2: TRANSMISSION, RUNNING SYSTEM HYDRAULICS, ELECTRICAL AND EXHAUST EMISSION- Clutch* Gear box * Differential and Final Drive * Steering System and Front Axle* Brakes* Tyres, Tubes and Wheel Ballasting* Hydraulic System of Tractor* Hitching of Implements* Electrical Systems* Diesel Fuel and Emission Controls* PART 3: TRACTORS DEVELOPMENTS, SELECTION, TESTING, C.M.V.R. AND POWER TILLER- Development of Tractor & Their Types* Selection and Safety of Tractors* Testing of Tractor* Central Motor Vehicle Rules* Power Tillers* Miscellaneous Topics* Appendices* Select Bibliography* Index.

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