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Principles of Earthquake Eningeering (Bhukamp Abhiyantriki Ke Mool Sidhanth)

Author :B.L.Gupta & Amit Gupta
Edition: Reprint: 2013
Page No.:557
Binding: Paperback

Introduction* Brief of Past Earthquak* Earthquak Causes and Severity* Vibrations of Single Degree of Freedom Sustem* Vibration of Multiple Degree of Freedom* Continuction System* Evaluation of EarthquakeResistance of Buildings* Causes of Structural Failures During Earthquake* Earthquak Motion and Response* Seismic Effects on Structures* Seismic Design Philosophy for Buildings* Principles of Construction Earthquake Resistant Buildings* As per Indian Seismic Code, Earthquake Resistant Building Design*Constructiof Earthquake Resistant Masonry Structures in Seismic Zones* Behaviour of Concrete Building Guring Earthquake* Guidlines for Earthquake Preparations* Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings* Rehabilitation of Fire Damaged Buildings* Cheap Seismic Resistant Buildings* Tsunami Hazaeds* Indian Earthquake Resistant Code and Preparedness Aganist Earthquake and Tsunami* Appendix* Bibliography.

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