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Overseers Duties and Accounts ( Construction Management Account) (Adhidarshako Ke Kartavey Avam Lekha)

Author :B.L.Gupta
Edition: Fourth Edition-2012
Page No.:444
Binding: Paperback

Construction Management* Bar Charts* Net Work Technique and their Application in Construction Management* Application of Net Work in Construction Management* Pert*Management and Net Work* Net Work in Construction Control* Job Lay Out* Cost Control* Construction Labour* Inspection and Quality Control* Organisation* Motivation* Safety Measures in Construction Work* Progres Control* Definitations of Technical and Accounts Terms* Organisation of Public Works Department* Out Lines of P.W.D. System of Account* Cash* Stores* Stock* Plants and Tools* Road Metal* Material Issued to Work* Works and their Execution* Contracts* Evaluation and other Common Accounts* Dealing with Railways and other Departments* Travelling Allowance* Leave and Joining Time* Works Accounts* Classies of Establishments in Public Works Department* Bill and Vouchers* Duties of Overscer.

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