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Irrigation, Water Power and Water Resources Engineering

Author :Dr. K. R. Arora
Edition: 5th, Edition 2019
Page No.:1106
Binding: Paperback

"The book covers the syllabus of the subject usually taught at the degree level in various Indian Universities and technical institutions. The students appearing for AMIE, ICS, IES and various other competitive examinations will find the book useful. The book is written entirely in SI units. However, useful conversion factors are given for the readers interested in M.K.S. and F.P.S. system of units. CONTENTS Part-I : Hydrology, Water Resources, Dam and Water Power Engineering Introduction * Descriptive Hydrology * Stream Gauging and Hydrograph Analysis * Estimation of Runoff, yield, and Flood Discharge * Ground Water Hydrology * River Behaviour and Training * Reservoir Planning * Flood Control * Planning for Water Resources Development * Introduction to Dam Engineering * Gravity Dams * Embankment Dams * Arch Dams and Buttress Dams * Spillways * Dam Outlets and Sluice ways * Water Power Engineering Part-II : Diversion Headworks, Distribution works, Irrigation Practice and Irrigation Management Planning and Layout of Diversion Headworks * Basic Principles of Design of Hydraulic Structures * Design of Diversion Headworks * Water Requirements of Crops * Planning and Layout of Distribution System * Design of Channels * Canal Regulation Works * Cross-Drainage Works * Canal Outlets, Escapes, Bridges and Meter Flumes * Lining and Maintenance of canals * Well and Lift Irrigation * Tank, Bandhara and Inundation Irrigation System * Fundamental of Irrigation Practice * Methods of Application of Water * Water logging, Drainage and reclamation and irrigation Management * Appendix A — Salient Features of Some Typical River Valley Projects * Appendix B — Glossary of Common Terms H Appendix C — Selected References H Appendix D — Publication of Bureau of Standards. "

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