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Understanding Healthcare Financial Management

Author :Louis C. Gapenski
Edition: First Indian Edition: 2006
Page No.:673
Binding: Hardbound

PART-I : THE HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENT ; Introduction to Healthcare Finincial Management * The Third Party Prayer System * PART-II : BASIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS : Time ValueAnalysis * Financial Risk and Required Return * PART-III : CAPITAL ACQUISITION : Debit Financing * The Equity Financing and Incestment Banking * Securities Valuation, Market Effciency, and Debit Refunding * Lease Financing * PART-IV : COST OF CAPITAL AND CAPITAL STRUCTURE : Cost of Capital : Capital Structure Decisions * PART- V : CAPITAL ALLOCATION : The Basic of Capital Budgeting * Project Risk Analysis * PART- VI : FINANCIAL ANALYSIS AND FORECASTING : Financial Statement and Operating Analysis * Financial Forecasting * PART- VII: OTHER TOPICS : Working Capital Management * Business Valuation, Mergers and Acquistions * Capitation, Rate Setting and Risk Sharing * Financial Risk Management * Index * About the Author.

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