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Design of Steel Structures Vol. I

Author :Dr. Ramchandra, Virendra Gehlot
Edition: 13th: 2011
Page No.:954
Binding: Paperback

Part- I : STEEL STRUCTURES- Introduction* Loads, Methods of Design and Proprerties of Steel* Riveted Connections* Bolted Connections* Pin-Connections* Axially Loaded Columns and Cmpression Members* Eccentrically Loaded Columns* Slab and Gusseted Bases for Columns* Independent and Combined Footings* Tension Members* Flexural Strength of Laterally Supported (Restrained Steel Beams (SB-I)* Shear Strength of Steel Beams (SB-II)* Stiffness and Deflections of Steel Beams (SB-III)* Flexural and Shear Strength of Laterally Unsupported (Unrestrained) Steel Beams (SB-IV)* Simple Beam Connections* Semi-Rigid Connections* Flexural Strength of Plate Girders (PG-I)* Shear Strength of Plate Girders (PG-II)* Web Splice and Splice in Flange Elements of Plate Girders (PG-III)* welded joints Subjected to Axial Load* Welded Joints Subjected to Eccentric Load* Welded Plate Girder* welded Beam Connections* Beams Subjected to Unsymmetrical bending* Roof trusses* Round Tubular Structures* PART- II: TIMBER STRUCTURES- Timber Columns and Tension Members* Flexural and Shear Strength of Timber Beams* Joints of Timber Strctural Components* Nailed Joints in Timber* Disc Dowelled Loints and Metal Connectors* PART-III: MASONARY STRUCTURS- Masonry Structures* Masonary Chimneys* Appedix* eferences* ndex.

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