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Textile Fibers, Dyes, Finishes And Processes

Author :Howard L. Needles
Edition: First Indian Edition 2001
Page No.:244
Binding: Paperback

I — Fiber Theory, Formation and Characterization : Fiber Theory and Formation * Fiber Identification and characterization. II — Fiber Properties : Cellulosic Fibers * Cellulose Ester Fiber Protein Fibers * Polyamide Fibers * Polyester Fibers * Acrylic Fibers * Polyolefin Fibers * Vinyl Fibers * Elastomeric Fibers * Mineral and Metallic Fibers H Miscellaneous Fibers. III — Yarn and Textile Substrate Formation : Yarn Formation * Textile Substrate Formation. IV — Preparation, Dying, and Finishing Processes : Preparation and Drying * Colour, Dyes, Dyeing and Printing * Finishes and Finishing. V—Textile Maintenance : Textile Soiling and Soil Removal * Appendix * Index.

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