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Railway, Tunnel, Highway Bridge and Air Transport (Railway Mahamarg, Pool, Surang Avam Hawaiyatayat Engg.)

Author :Gurcharan Singh
Edition: Edition-2016
Page No.:813
Binding: Paperback

Vol- I Railway Engineering : Introductions* Railway Track Survey* Geometrical Standard and Alignments* Ballast* Sleeper* Rail Gadge* Rails* Rail Fastenings* Station aud Yards* Sataion Machinery* Maintenance* Points & Crossings* Signalling* Interlocking* Rail Creep* Earth work in Railways* Train Resistance and Rolling Stocks* Vol- 2 Surang Engineering (Tunnel Engineering) Tunnel* Alignment of Tunnels* Drilling* Explosive or Blasting* Tunnelling* Lining of Tunnels* Saftey Measures in Tunnelling* Vol-3 Mahamarg Engineering ( Highway Engineering) Introduction* Technical Featires of Road* Road Alignment and Survey* Highway Drainage* Unmetalled Road* Water Bound Macadam Road* Stabilized Soil Roads* Bituminous Roads* Cement Concrete Roads* Const. of Hill-roads* Highway Machinery* Road Arboriculture* Traffic Engineering* Road Juctions and Road Signs* Road Failure and Maintenance* Detailed Road Specifications* Earth Work Engineering* Various Soil Satbility and Expriments* Vol- 4 Pool Engineering ( Bridge Engineering) Introduction and Definitions of Some Important Terms* Elements of Bridge Engineering* Bridge Foundation* Piers, Abutments and Wing-Walls* Culvert and Cause Way* Wooden Bridges* Masonary Bridges* Steel Bridges* R.C.C. Bridge* Floating Bridge* Bearings* Protective Works* Bridge Construction* Design of Superstructures of Bridges* Vol-5 Hawai yatayat Ke Mool Sidhanth (Basic Principals of Air Transport) Introduction to Air Transport* Common Terms used in Air Transport* Airport Classification* Geometrical Standards of Airport* Airport Obstructions* Lay-out, Marking and Visual Aids at Airport.

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