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Krishi Abhiyantriki Ke Mool Sidhanth (Elements of Agricultural Engineering)

Author :Dr. Jagdishwar Sahay
Edition: First Edition: 2018
Page No.:662
Binding: Paperback

Bhag- 1: FARM POWER - Farm Power and Farm Mechanization* Renewal Energy* Internal Combustion Engine* Measurement of Engine Power* Fuel System* Governor* Lubrication System* Ignition System* Cooling System* Farm Tractor* Bhag- 2: FARM MACHINERY - Strengtt of Material and Material of Construction* Mechanical Power Transmission* Tillage Implements* Seeding and Fertilizing Equipments* Pump for Irrigation* Plant Protection Equipment* Harvesting and Threshing Equipment* Bhag- 3: FARM PROCESSING - Processing Equipments* Grain Driers* Dairy Equipments* Bhag- 4 : FARM ELECTRICITY - Farm Electricity* Bhag- 5 : DEVELOPMENT OF TRACTOR AND FARM MACHINERY LAST 510 YEARS - Devleopment of Tractor and Farm Machinery in India During Last Fifty Years* Appendix.

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