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Strength of Materials and Theory of Structure (Pradarth Samarth Avam Nirman Vigyan Ke Sidhanth)

Author :Gurcharan Singh and Jagdish Singh
Edition: Eight Edition: Reprint-2015
Page No.:627
Binding: Paperback

Simple Stress and Strain* Shear Stress and Principal Stresses* PrincipalPlanes and Principal Stresses* Bending Moment and Shearing Force* Simple Bending Stresses* Bending Stresses in Composite Beams* Shearing Stresses in Beams* Fixed Beams and Continuous Beams* Combined Direct and Bending Stresses* Columns and Struts* Riveted Joints and Welded Joints* Carriage, Laminated or Leaf Springs* Strain Energy for Gradual, Sudden, Impact and Shock Loading* Thin Cylindrical and Spherical Shells* Determinate Frames* Masonry Dam and Retaining Walls* Rolling Loads* Influence Lines.

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