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Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

Author :Dr. R. Suresh
Edition: 5th, Reprint 2019
Page No.:1089
Binding: Paperback

Book is written in easy english language. It is useful for degree and diploma students of Agricultural Engineering and those working in this field. CONTENTS Introduction H Rainfall and Runoff relationship H Soil erosion principles H Gully erosion H Design of permanent gully control structures H Stream bank erosion H Wind erosion H Erosivity and Erodibility H Prerequisites for soil and water conservation measures H Argonomical Practices to control Soil Erosion H Terracing H Bunding H Grassed Waterways and Diversions H Water harvesting H Farm ponds H Earthen Dam H Retaining wall H Culverts H Soil loss estimation-models H Land use capability classification H Sedimentation H Reservoir sedimentation H Grassland farming H Watershed Concept and Management H Glossary H Question Bank H Appendices H Bibliography H Subject Index.

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